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The In-ground Pool Construction Process

Below are pictures of the building process of an inground lagoon shaped pool. The entire process on average takes approximately 4 weeks to complete.

Step 1 - Dig the floor depth of the shallow end throughout the entire pool area and lay out the steel walls.

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Step 2 - Begin putting together the walls and the pool begins taking shape.

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Step 3 - Dig out the deep end and floor specifications, pour a concrete footer behind walls, and lay and trowel the pool floor.

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Step 4 - Run all plumbing lines and electrical for lights etc. and backfill.

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Step 5 - Lay steel, stone, deck braces, and bonding for the concrete apron.

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Step 6 - Lay out, mortar, and cut the coping.

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Step 7 - Prepare the concrete forms for the apron to be poured.

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featured 9

Step 8 - Install fence so water can be added when the liner is ready to be set.

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Step 9 - Pour concrete apron and install liner.

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featured 13

Step 10 - Nearly complete, just a couple of finishing touches and the pool is finished.

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